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Role-play EU decision-making

Would you like to introduce your pupils to the practicalities of the EU decision-making procedures? And let them fight for the interests of their country, while bearing in mind the progress of the European project? Then you may enjoy attending the role-playing on decision-making within the EU at the site of the European Commission Representation in The Hague. It is based on the Chocolate Directive.

For 75 minutes the pupils will take their seats at the negotiating table as one of the EU Member States, the European Parliament or as an ambitious official of the European Commission, eager to see its legislative proposal on the Chocolate Directive adopted.

The pupils will be informed about the EU decision-making process. They will also experience up close how the (often complex) negotiations work in practise.

How to register?

The role-playing is free of charge and adapted to a group of about 25 individuals. For more information about the role-play please contact us by telephone on 070-3135300, or send an email to: comm-nl-den-haag(at)

Prefer to play by yourself?

The role-playing is downloadable free of charge, so you may play it in your classroom with your pupils. The manual for teachers is included.


This is intended for higher education students and for groups professionally involved with the EU, like companies, civil servants etc. It is also appropriate for pupils in the last grades of secondary school. Some knowledge of the EU is a prerequisite.


Introductory film – Role-play

Algemene publicaties13 oktober 2021
Manual Role-play
(3.27 MB - PDF)
Algemene publicaties13 oktober 2021
Chocolate Directive voting results in the Council
(27.27 KB - ODS)
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Powerpoint role-play
(2.01 MB - PPTX)