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Exploring the Potential of Language Technology in Creative Writing and Translation

The third Translating Europe Workshop in the series “Language and Technology: A Winning Combination” is coming up.

In past decades, a slew of technological solutions and services has been introduced to automate writing and translation processes. To date, this technology has proven to be highly successful in domains with stringent conventions, rules and texts types that require little creativity. With the latest AI revolution in Natural Language Processing, attention of engineers has been rapidly shifting toward the hives of textual creativity.

Recent developments lend credence to the claim that the use of leading-edge AI in creative writing and translation can now also help language professionals gain insight in texts, generate fresh ideas, overcome hurdles such as writer’s blocks, improve the overall quality of writing by providing real-time feedback and, thus, improve their craft. However, according to some, technological solutionism is looming large in the language industry, and it remains to be seen whether proposed solutions and services will be embraced by language professionals. This is all the more true in the creative industry, where technology may hamper creative processes. In other words, we have to consider the wants and needs of the translator, and – why not? – of society at large.


  • vertaling | kunstmatige intelligentie
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  • Utrecht, Nederland

Praktische informatie

Utrecht University
Drift 21, 3512 BR Utrecht, Nederland
Who should attend
Students and scholars in Computer Sciences and Languages
Advance registration required.